Global Studies

  • For the 2018-2019 School Year, Mrs. Marranca has L2 Open Campus. You may see her for a pass to use during this time. L2 Open Campus time can be used to receive extra help on an assignment, finish class work, finish an assessment, work on study guides or review course content. 

    Please also note, Mrs. Marranca has the PM common activity. Please come to room 154 to finish any assessments or for help on study guides. 
    Thank you! 

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  • Homework For Global Studies

  • All students signed up for remind101 app during the first week of school. In addition to homework being posted here, on the board in the classroom, and stated verbally, notifications will go home about due dates through the remind101 app.

    Remind101: Please see the board for Remind 101 directions If you need help, please see myself or Ms. Spampinato, we will gladly help set you up! 

  • October 15-19 & 22-26

-Review American Revolution PP Notes
-Review French Revolution guided notes
-Review notes on Napoleon 
-Read over all research notes from class 

-Review key ideas 
-No Taxation without representation
-3 sides during the American Revolution
-3 different Estates during the French Revolution  


Marie Antoinette Movie Project will be due 11/1 for periods 1 & 5 AND 11/2 for periods 4 & 6 


Age of Revolution Comic Strip will be due 11/7 for periods 1, 4 and 5

Age of Revolution Propaganda Poster will be due 11/13 for Global Honors


Age of Revolution Quiz for ALL CLASSES will be on 11/14 (review study guide)