Art/Media Arts

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           Janice Marsili Cynthia Perez

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Stephanie Petrakos      Danielle Wilkinson

Courses Offered:


  • Advanced Art Open Studio: Ms. Stephanie Petrakos
  • Cultural Crafts: Ms. Cynthia Perez   
  • Drawing: Ms. Janice Marsili and Ms. Stephanie Petrakos
  • Seventh Grade Art Cycle: Ms. Janice Marsili
  • Eighth Grade Art Cycle: Ms. Stephanie Petrakos
  • Graphic Design: Ms. Danielle Wilkinson
  • Imaging and Photography I & II: Ms. Danielle Wilkinson
  • Printmaking and Ceramics: Ms. Janice Marsili
  • Painting and Advanced Painting: Ms. Stephanie Petrakos


Homework info can be found on each teacher's individual sites.

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