Geometry Mastery List

Time Frame

Students will have mastered the following:

September – June

  • Congruence, Proof, Constructions
    • Experiment with transformations in the plane
    • Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions
    • Prove geometric theorems
    • Make geometric constructions
  • Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry
    • Understand similarity
    • Define trigonometric ratios and solve problems involving right triangles
  • Extend to Three Dimensions
    • Explain volume formulas and use them to solve problems
  • Connecting Algebra and Geometry through coordinates
    • Use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically
  • Circles with and Without Coordinates
    • Understand and apply theorems about circles
    • Find arc lengths and areas of sectors of circles
  •  Applications of Probability
    • Understand geometric probability


Geometry Class Reminders