AP Biology Summer Assignment

AP Biology Summer Assignment 2016

 Welcome to Ms. Ranney’s AP Biology Class

Congratulations! You have registered for AP Biology for the 2016-2017 school year.  I am so excited to help you explore biology at this deeper level.  AP Biology is structured around four Big Ideas as described in the “Curriculum Framework” (see below).  The four Big Ideas (generally shortened to Evolution, Energy Processes, Information, and Interactions) encompass the core scientific principles, theories, and processes governing living organisms and biological systems.

 Since none of you have received the textbook for the class (Reece, J.B. et al: Campbell Biology AP Edition, 9th edition) AND since we have will have 2 FULL periods for AP Biology during the school year  so that we should have time (??) to finish the course without this advance work, your “summer assignment” is very brief. (i.e., Should take you no more than 6 hours.)

 Part 1 Letter of Introduction:

 Please email me a Letter of Introduction before Thursday September 8, 2016 (first day of school) using the email you want to use for the remainder of the year. Send your email “Letter of Introduction” to colleen_ranney@kenilworthschools.com.  The following items should be included in this introduction:

1.   Use clearly written, full sentences (not “texting” symbols or jargon)

2.   Make the subject:  “AP Bio: Introduction to [insert your name here]” 

3.   Begin the email with a formal salutation, like “Ms. Ranney” or “Dear Ms. Ranney” 

4.   Tell me the high school science classes you have taken before this year and what you liked and disliked about them and how you did.  

5.  Tell me any other science classes OR AP classes that you will be taken this year (with AP Bio).

6.  List for me the EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES both in school and out of school (including sports, clubs, etc.) that you will be involved in this year.

7.   Tell me if you have or will have a job and about how many hours per week you will work during the school year.

8.   Tell me the main reason(s) you are taking AP Biology this year.

9.  Evaluate yourself as a learner…. Finish these prompts:
I learn
best when my teacher….
I have the hardest time learning when the teacher…
I do my best work when the teacher….
I sometimes get embarrassed in class when the teacher….
Two things about myself that I am most proud of are…
Something about me that I want you as a teacher to be aware of ….

10. What are your plans after graduating from high school?  Do you plan to pursue a science field in college and if so what do you want to study in college and why? If you don’t plan on pursuing a science degree what degree to you plan on getting in college and how do you think AP Biology will help you in your future?

11.  End the email with a formal closing:  “Sincerely”, etc. and add your name as if you signed a letter.        

Part 2. Curriculum Framework
Please go to the AP Biology site listed below (bookmark this) read the Overview and Details information and click through the pages. Next download onto your home computer (or device) the document entitled AP Biology Course and Exam Description (revised edition September 2015). https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-biology#/

 This is like the “bible” for this class. It is everything that you are expected to know for AP Biology. You don’t need to print it out now. You also don’t need to read it all right now.  Just read the introductory paragraphs for each of the Four Big Ideas.


Part 3. View Bozeman Videos and Respond to Review Questions (Attachment 1)
Finally, view the following Bozeman videos and write the answers to the questions on the attached worksheet. I will collect and grade the worksheet on the first day of school (September 8th). All work must be your OWN, original work, typed or handwritten.

“Biology”  https://paul-andersen.squarespace.com/biology

“Formulating Questions”  http://www.bozemanscience.com/apb-practice-3-scientific-questioning

Scientific Method”  http://www.bozemanscience.com/scientific-method

If you have any questions, please email me at colleen_ranney@kenilworthschools.com. Please try enjoy this last week and can’t wait to see you on September 8th!

Ms. Ranney

Click to download this Assignment  AP Biology Summer Assignment 2016.docx
Click to download Attachment 1      AP Bio Summer video worksheet.docx