Supplies You MUST HAVE for Class:
Binder (or folio--see Ms. Ranney's demo in class), 
Paper in Binder (or 3-hole spiral notebook--do not have to put through rings of binder, just turn notebook in when I have binder checks) for notes.


To Get to Online Textbook:  Click Click link to online textbook
or Google "my hrw"
Select  "Holt McDougal Online"
Log-in using your username and password given to you in class.

If you forget your login or password to the online textbook, use the following:
Username:  astudent2494          Password:  biology

Homework: (scroll down to find current date)

Marking Period 3 

Week of February 27, 2017
Mon Feb 27
Biology of Race: What race are you? What does Census say?  Race has no biological basis.  Watched video  "Race, the Power of Illusion" , did "sorting" of people ( website)

Tues Feb 28
Viewed video Race, Power of Illusion.  
HW: (due Wed. Will be graded) Fill in 10 statements about Race on worksheet.  
Reg Biol:  Answer 1 of the 5 open ended questions on back of worksheet.
Hon Biol:  Answer 3 of the 5 open-ended questions. 

Wed. Mar 1
Finished video Race, the Power of Illusion.
Genetics of Skin Color worksheet.

Thurs. Mar 2

Fri, Mar 3
Reviewed Biology of Skin Color worksheet
Quiz on Biology of Race

Week of March 6, 2017

Mon Mar 6
Pass back old assessments. Organize binder. 
Pass out Ch 10 DNA and Proteins Unit Guide.

Tues Mar 7

Wed. Mar 8

Thurs. Mar 9

Fri, Mar 10