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All Classes (Bio, Hon Bio)

Unit 1 Characteristics of Life and Scientific Method 
Ch 1 powrpt charac filled.ppt
Scientific Method short.ppt
Chap1 powerpts for website.ppt

Characteristics of Life
Hierarchy (organization) of Life
Scientific Method

Three Domains of Life
Classification of Life

Unit 2 Chemistry of Life (Ch 2 and 3)
chemCh 2, 3pwpt.ppt

Crash Course Videos

Carbon is a Tramp
Water, Liquid Awesome
Crash Course: You are what you eat

Bozeman Videos
Water a polar molecule
Water and Life
Biological Molecules

Bozeman Biology Video page

Unit 3 Cell Structure and Function (
Ch 4, 5, enzymes (ch 2, 3)
Chapter 4 Cells 
History, Cell theory
The wacky history of cell theory

Bozeman Videos:
A Tour of the Cell
Cellular Organelles
Why are Cells Small

Crash course videos:
Eukaryopolis: the City of Animal Cells
Plant Cells

Cell Organelle Game

Chapter 5 Cell Transport

Bozeman Cell Transport
Cell Transport( Amoeba Sisters)
In Da Club- Membranes and Transport

Lab Bench Diffusion and Osmosis Simulations (explains the labs)

Diffusion Simulation
Facilitated Diffusion Simulation

Osmosis Simulation

How the Sodium Potassium Pump works Simulation

Unit 4 Human Body Systems:
Human Organ Systems.

Chapter 46 Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Bozeman Circulatory System
Bozeman Respiratory System
Crash Course Biology: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Amoeba Sisters: Human Body Systems

Chapter 48 Digestive and Urinary Systems 

Bozeman Digestion Video
Crash Course Digestion Video basic
Crash course Digestion (advanced) Part 1
Crash Course Digestion (advanced) Part 2
Crash Course Digestion (advanced) Part 3
Crash Course Metabolism & Nutrition video

Unit 5: Reproduction and Heredity: Ch 8: Mitosis, Meosis, Ch. 9, Mendalian Genetics, Ch 10. DNA,RNA, Protein Synthesis. 

Chapter 8 Cell Reproduction
Bozeman Mitosis video

Bozeman Cell Division Video
Bozeman Phases of Mitosis video
Bozeman Meiosis video
Crash Course Mitosis
Crash Course Biology Meiosis

Ch 9  Fundamentals of Genetics and Ch 12 Inheritance Patters and Human Genetics

Bozeman Videos
Chromosomal Genetics  (
Watch: 0 to 2 min; 8 min to end)
Chromosomal Inheritance 
Crash Course: Heredity 
(All and from 8 min to end is sex-linked)

Genotypes and Phenotypes  (Includes DNA mutations and chromosome mutations)
Amoeba Sisters: Sex linked traits

Ch 10. DNA,RNA, Protein Synthesis
Amoeba Sisters: DNA Structure and Function
Crash Course: DNA Structure and Replication
Bozeman: DNA and RNA part 1 
(First part has history of DNA discovery This what we saw in class)

Amoeba Sisters: Why RNA is just as cool as DNA.
Amoeba Sisters: Protein Synthesis

Animations from St. Olaf College

DNA Replication 
AP Bio DNA Replication


Other Animations
From DNA to protein

 Ch 11 Gene Expression and Ch 13 Gene Technology

Unit 6: Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration (ch 6, 7)
Photosynthesis  Chapter 6 
Illuminating Photosynthesis NOVA

Amoeba Sisters Photosynthesis
Amoeba Sisters Photosynthesis and the Pigment Pancakes

Cell Respiration and the Mighty Mitochondria

Crash Course Photosynthesis 
ATP and Cellular Respiration

Bozeman Videos:
Cell Respiration
Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration

Photosynthesis Lab ("Floating Chads")

Photosynthesis Song (with lyrics)
Photosynthesis Rap

Cell Respiration in 3 Phases
Cell Respiration Animation

Unit 7 Evolution  

What Darwin Never Knew

What is Natural Selection (Stated Clearly)

Bozeman Videos

Scientific Evidence for Evolution
Natural Selection

Student Research
Alex from Colonial Academy, a school in Pennsylvania, found this great resource:
"The Evolution of the Wrist"


Evolution 101 (excellent overview with graphics of all evolution concepts)

AP Only:
Solving Hardy Weinberg Problems

Unit 8 Ecology

Intro to Ecol 18.1, 18.3 20.1 full.ppt (From class)

APecologynutshell2.ppt (NOT THE ONE FROM CLASS BUT good overall review, Biology students should skip advanced terms.)

How Wolves Change Rivers

Bozeman Science Videos 
Biogeochemical Cycles
Ecological Succession
Ecosystem Change

Amoeba Sisters
Food Webs and Energy Pyramids
Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
Ecological Succession
Biomagnification and the Trouble with Toxins

Unit 9  Fetal Pig Dissection
 Fetal Pig Dissection Part 1
Fetal Pig Dissection Part 2
Fetal Pig Dissection Part 3

other websites with good pictures/diagrams/etc.
Whitman College Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection

Good Pictures to Use to Label and Understand the Pig:
photos of systems.doc

Follow this link to download a program to view powerpoints:
Free Powerpoint viewer from Microsoft