Mrs. Marranca

 Mrs. Marranca may be contacted at: 908-931-9696 ext. 3656 or you may email me at


-Notebook or folder (we will clean out the folder after each unit; pleasekeep the materials at home or in your locker as you willl need them for the mid-term and then the final exam)


-looseleaf paper

Please note, it is your responsibility to come to each class prepared.
We use many supplmental materials in class, you MUST be organized!!! You are young adults, I trust your judgement as to how you are best organized.


Courses that I teach:2016-2017 School Year!


  • Period 1: United States History II ICS (with Mrs. Gibbons-see  her page for hw)
  • Period 2: Global Studies ICS (w/ Ms. Spampinato's  see her  page for hw)
  • Period 3: PREP
  • Period 4: 7th Grade Science ICS (with Mrs. Grimaldi, see her page for hw)
  • Period 5: Global Studies ICS (w/ Ms. Spampinato's  see her  page for hw)
  • Period 6a:LUNCH
  • Period 6b: PSLP 
  • Period 7: United States History II ICS (see Mrs. Gibbon's  page for hw)
  • Period 8:PREP
  • Period 9: English 2 ICS see Mr. Weinstein's page for hw)