US History 2

US History II
Period 8

  • Come to EACH class prepared and ready to learn
  • Be "On task" in class, listening and participating!
  • Do your homework (when assigned), there will be quizzes based off of these readings/assignments


Cold War TEST: 12/1/17 (review sheet was given If you missed the test, please make it up ASAP! .

We will start the 1950's on 12/4/17
-Review notes taken on all Powerpoints (women in the 1950's, Growth of Suburbia)

-review all research notes and chapter outlines

-Quiz on sections 18.1 and 18.2 Friday, 12/8/17

1950's Yearbook project-major assessment grade (group, see rubric and expectations) due on Friday, 12/15/17 (reminder, MAJOR)-see rubric. We will be in the IMC 12/12-12/14, Ipads on 12/11

Have a great Winter Recess break. When we return we will start our new unit. The Civil Rights. There will be an "Agenda" with this unit. Rest up and enjoy break. 

-Review all notes on the 1950's
- we will do a mini project as well as a recap project to prep for the mid-term exam

Exams 1/24/18 through 1/31/18