US History 2

US History II
Period 8

  • Come to EACH class prepared and ready to learn
  • Be "On task" in class, listening and participating!
  • Do your homework (when assigned), there will be quizzes based off of these readings/assignments


We will start our next on JFK/LBJ on 3/6/18
-Review key vocabulary and key concepts
-JFK packet (overview)

-Research Notes 1 and 2
-Section 2 (guided notes/PP on the Supreme court and civil liberties)
-Introduction to Johnson's Great Society 
-Peace Corps
-Geography of important places in US 2 for MP3/4

-Quiz 3/19 
time capsule activity
JFK assassination overview (prep for project)
Introduction to project (groups) re: assassination theories 
IMC time for project 

-IMC for projects
Projects due Thursday, 3/27/18,, presentations will start this day and continue through 3/29