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                          Make Reading FUNctional!

Turn this precious quality time into a fun experience your child will crave!

Make a favorite dish or dessert with your child. They can read the recipe and develop their measurement skills as you work together to prepare a tasty reward.

Ask your child to determine what the weather will be like tomorrow. Use the newspaper or go online to read the weather forecast.

Your child can help plan your weekend activities or next family vacation. Look at and read travel brochures or community calendars together. Incorporate calendar skills by talking about the number of days in a week, month or year, the order of the months, and the seasons.

Design a scavenger hunt for your child. He/She will need to read clues in order to discover the different locations to visit on his/her way to the final destination and prize.

Is there a younger sibling, neighbor or friend? Practice reading a book with your child until s/he can read it independently. Then set up a time for her/him to share the book with a younger child. This is a great opportunity to strengthen fluency and work on expression.

A trip to the public library is a wonderful adventure. With so many books to choose from, your child is sure to find one on his or her favorite topic.

Going grocery shopping? Let your child write the shopping list. Spell the words aloud that s/he does not know. When shopping, let your child read the grocery list to you, and help you locate the various items. Incorporate health concepts by reading and comparing nutritional information for different products. Develop money skills by allowing your child to find the better buy, determine how much money you save by purchasing an item on sale, or round the costs to estimate what the total cost of the groceries will be. You can also focus on calculator skills by having your child keep a running total of your groceries as you shop.

Do you have a family game night? Play a children’s game that involves reading off cards or the game board. Make your child the narrator for the entire game. His or her job is to read everyone’s cards. 

Is there a relative that your child really admires?  Or a friend that lives far away?  Give meaning to your child's reading and writing by becoming a pen pal.  Your child will love checking the mailbox for that special letter.  Pick a dependable person and commit to corresponding weekly.  It is an incredible opportunity to focus on your child's strengths and weaknesses in writing, whether it is capitalization, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, spelling, or organization.