Homework Assignments

Please keep in mind that the work assigned in the CLASSROOM each day is always the most current and up-to-date information.  The assignments listed below are dated for the day they are assigned and are due the next class day unless otherwise noted.  There are rare occasions where something has changed during class and the change is not reflected on this page.

When ONLINE is given as the assignment, students must go to the vhlcentral.com website and login under their credentials to complete the assigned work. 

Date Assigned: 3/21/17
Intro to Italian -
study for tomorrow's oral quiz on the alphabet 
review/ read pages in text that we read today in class (iii-iv)

Italian 1
study for vocab quiz on Thursday and ch. 2B test on Friday 

Italian 2 -
review ci and ne for quiz on Thursday 

Italian 3

Italian 4H/5H
packet p. 28 - il passato remoto