College information

Students will meet with their counselor for an individual meeting during May of their Junior year and again in September of their Senior year to discuss college and career plans.  Parents are welcome to attend this meeting. 

To assist with the college planning process, all students and parents have access to the Family Connection program.  The website for Family Connection is:

Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, all students are responsible for having their SAT and ACT scores sent electronically to all of the colleges they apply to.  The counseling department will no longer be sending the official scores out to colleges. 

Students should complete the following on their family connection account:

1) Turn in Authorization to Release Records form signed by both student and parent.

2) Upload Essay

3) Ask 2 teachers for recommendations and make sure the teachers have uploaded their recommendations to Family Connection

4)Resume of school activities/awards/extracurricular activities/sports

5) Brag Sheet Questionnaire (for counselor and teachers)

6) Once the above steps are completed, students must hand in either the paper application with the check for the application fee or the email confirmation that is generated once they apply online to each school. 

7) Any supplemental forms that may also need to be filled out (not every college/university has them) 

All Seniors need to bring 6x9 envelopes (one for each college the student is applying to) and a book of stamps to their counselor so transcripts and all documentation can be sent to those colleges. 

Please contact the counselors at any time for a meeting or for clarification on the college application process!  We are here to help!