Rules of the Art Room

Adhering to the following rules will ensure the smooth and productive atmosphere of our classes.

On time arrival to class: Detention will be issued for tardiness. Those who are late for first period should report to the main office to obtain a late pass before coming to class.

Do not bring food or drink: They will be taken away from you. These are the enemies of a clean room and neat art work.

Do not work on homework for other subjects during art class : You will be asked to put it away. If the problem persists it will be taken away and given to the teacher it was issued by.

Turn work in by assigned dates : I am flexible on this point since artistic styles differ. However, I will base a great deal of each student’s grade on their effort and motivation.

Show respect to teacher and fellow students : Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.

Show respect for the art oom and art supplies: Leave it as you found it!