Web Design

The aim of this course is to teach students the tools necessary to create and maintain fully functioning web pages and interactive web-sites using HTML.   Students will focus on planning, analyzing, designing and testing web sites that they will develop through various hands-on lessons. Topics such as the history of the internet, web structures, web development life cycles, internet safety, web animation and web repair will be addressed through out this progressive course.   Students will use various computer programs including (but not limited to) Notepad++, Adobe Photoshop, and Abode Dreamweaver.

Students will need to bring their binders with them EVERYDAY!
To help aid in the Web Design Process many handouts will be given as a reference.
It will save students a lot of time if they keep all these handout in order to look back on for help. 
There are MANY tags involved with web design- Handouts are Key-
Please stay organized!
Also, techniques will be taught based on the understanding of prior lessons. 
I rregular attendance will deter progress of understanding
Grading Scale:
Projects= 40%
Tests and Evaluations= 30%
Class Work= 20%
Participation= 10%
NOTEPAD++ (the program we use in class) is a free download online.  Search for the program through a search engine and download from the site that is most compatible with your computer.
Also all PC's have wordpad which can also be used to create and practice web design.
(no downlaod needed) 
You can find it by going to:
Just remember to save .html