Eng. 4 Midterm Vocabulary

Grendel  Vocabulary

sycophantish              (adj.) acting like a self-serving flatterer (p. 7)

stench                          (n.) an offensive smell (p. 9)

luminous                     (adj.) shining, bright (p. 9)

mere                            (n.) a lake or pond (p. 9)

teeming                       (adj.) swarming with something (p. 33)

tribute                         (n.) a sum or valuable paid in exchange for peace or protection (p. 39)

moors                          (n.) open wasteland (p. 44)

apocalyptic                 (adj.) predicting the destruction of the universe (p. 45)

petulant                      (adj.) childishly sulky, irritable, or bad-tempered

ludicrous                    (adj.) so foolish as to be ridiculous


Magna Carta Vocabulary

heirs                            (n.) persons legally entitled to property or title on a person’s death

pound                         (n.) British monetary unit ($1.21 today)

shilling                        (n.) old British monetary unit, 1/20th pound

ward                           (n.) a minor who has a guardian

feudal                         (adj.) antiquated system where nobles held land and had vassals for tenants

prudent                      (adj.) showing care for the future

guardian                     (n.) a defender, protector, keeper

husbandry                  (n.) care of crops and animals

dower                         (n.) widow’s share of her husband’s estate

sureties                       (n.) money given as a guarantee

distrained                   (adj.) seized property to pay a debt

perpetuity                   (n.) forever

The Canterbury Tales Vocabulary


Zephyrus        n. the Greek god of the west wind

chivalry          n. the code of behavior of the medieval knights

courtliness      n. refined behavior; elegant manners

sanguine         adj. cheerful and good-natured

avarice            n. greed

privy               adj. hidden; secretive

publican         n. innkeeper; tavern owner

hoary              adj. white with age

parley             n. a discussion or conference

miscreants      n. evildoers; villains

perdition         n. hell; damnation

pallor              n. paleness