Waiver to Drop a Carnegie Unit

Staffing needs are determined on the basis of students’ course requests. When the scheduling process is complete, there will be a limited opportunity to make a change. A change request will only be honored if there is a seat available in the course requested and the requested change can be made with minimal disruption of the schedule. Requests for teacher changes will not be considered except for previous course failure.

When requesting a change in schedule, the following process must be followed:

1. All student or parent requests to drop a class will require a note from either a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the change.

2. If the class is a Carnegie Unit students will be required to complete a Waiver to Drop a Carnegie Unit Form . If there is a request to change a teacher recommendation the student and parent/guardian will be required to complete a Waiver Form .

3. A meeting must be held with the student, parent, counselor, teacher and department supervisor to discuss the strength of the students schedule and the repercussions of dropping the course.

4. Minimum and maximum class sizes will be determining factors when processing schedule changes.

5. No schedule changes will be made after the fourth day of school.

 Waiver to drop carneige unit.docx (docx)