US II Mastery List

US History II Mastery List

September – June

  1. Examine the causes and effects of international conflicts such as WWII, The Cold War, Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
  2. Analyze the cultural and social struggles and triumphs faced by minorities domestically and internationally (i.e. African Americans, women, Latino’s, Native Americans, and social classes)
  3. Continue to interpret the role of economics in shaping domestic and foreign policies.
  4. Discuss and reflect on the impact of new technologies from WWII to present.
  5. Analyze and discuss the expanding credibility gap between the government and citizens during the 60s,70s,80s,90s, and today.
  6. Connect previously learned content to current events.
  7. Incorporate historical analysis in essays.
  8. Improve their ability to analyze primary and secondary sources.
  9. Expand application of geography skills. (via map activities and Smart board activities)
  10. Continue to interpret the role of international affairs on American domestic and foreign policies.
  11. Explain the challenges affecting newly independent nations in the Third World.