ACE Program

Mission Statement:

This program will be designed to provide students with their academics in a small, supportive setting which would also meet their social/emotional needs.  The program would provide students with social and academic skill they will need in order to earn their high school diploma and reduce the drop-out rate.


This program is a collaborative venture that would provide a sense of community to students whose lack of motivation, sense of isolation, and lack of self esteem puts them at risk for dropping out of school.  We believe that in order to be successful, the program requires the consistency of teacher(s)/coordinator(s)  who understands the students needs and is able to be flexible in teaching methods; whom the students are able to establish a connection to and trust; and who coordinates the program.  We believe that the program requires social, emotional and learning supports. Self esteem and motivation come from feeling a sense of mastery.  The mission of the program is to enable the students to move from the idea that they cannot achieve, do not fit in, and have no hope for improvement; to the sense of identity of “I am achieving, I am fitting in and I can succeed in school and beyond.”


A disaffected student is one who is disinterested in school, is not contributing to his/her academic growth, and is functioning below his/her academic and/or social potential.

Characteristics of the disaffected student include one or more of the following consistent and persistent observable behaviors:

1. Lacks motivation or direction

2. Has poor self-image

3. Shows hostility toward authority

4. Appears socially isolated

5. Lacks involvement in school activities

6. Is generally an underachiever

7. Is frequently absent from class

8. Frequently experiences change in family status or crisis in the home

9. Frequently does not function in school academically or socially

10. Scores below ability on standardized tests.

11. Sometimes has difficulty with law enforcement agencies

12. May experience economic problems which threaten the completion of school