Grading Policy

English Department

Grading Policy

The following grading policy will be in effect for all English courses except AP English Language and AP English Literature:




Major Assessments

Unit Tests, longer essays, research papers, projects, presentations


Minor Assessments

Quizzes, vocabulary literary term quizzes, shorter writing assignments


Alternate Assessments / Assignments

Reading Assessments, Classroom assignments, informal writing, journals or other informal assessments

(homework for MS only)



Details for English: 

Major Assessments 50%

Each marking period should include AT LEAST one major test and AT LEAST one major essay. The type and number of other major assessments is the teacher’s choice As a guideline, if a marking period has five major assessments, this means that each major assessment is worth approximately 10% of marking period grade.

Minor Assessments 30%

These include quizzes on reading, vocabulary or literary terms or short writing assignments, As a guideline, if there are seven minor assessments, each of these assignments is worth approximately 5% of the marking period grade.

Alternate Assessments / Assignments 20%

Items that fall under this category for English include reading assessments, short or informal writing prompts, rough drafts, journals, group discussion, short presentations and class work.  If there are ten grades in this category, each grade in this category is worth approximately 2% of the marking period grade.