Classroom Rules & Expectations

Mrs. Petti’s Classroom Rules & Expectations


Welcome to Mrs. Petti's math class at David Brearley Middle/High School.  In order to have a successful class, there are some rules that we must all follow.


  1. Be on time.  Be in your seats before the bell rings.
  2. Be prepared.  Bring your textbook, notebook, student handbook, sharpened pencils or erasable pens and other math tools every day.
  3. Be respectful of yourself, your teachers, your peers and your school.
  4. Observe all rules in the student handbook.
  5. Always do your very best!

Your Earned Rewards

  1. Praise.
  2. Positive experience for everyone.
  3. A comfortable learning environment.


 Consequences if you choose to break a rule!

       1st Offense  -  The student receives a warning.

      2nd Offense -  15 minutes after school.  Fill out the detention book.

      3rd Offense -  Report after school - student contacts a parent or guardian to notify of detention.                                                   Depending on the incident, a formal discipline referral may be submitted to administration.

      4th Offense -  Sent to Mr. White immediately, formal discipline referral submitted to administration.


      * Note:  These consequences may not necessarily occur in this order, depending on the   

      severity of the offense.  Also note that a parent may be called at any time.


Classroom Procedures

  1. Grades:

                Marking period grades will be based on a point system.  Students will earn points on each assignment.  Marking period averages are calculated by total points earned divided by total points attempted. (See Grading Policy for more details)

  2. Homework:

             The reading of material, the practice of skills and the reinforcement of content is critical to a student’s academic development. Work completed at home is an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. These assignments are the student’s responsibility and will be evaluated through performance-based assessments. Students and parents can monitor academic progress via the Genesis Parent Portal at their convenience.

  3. Make-up work:

             Students are responsible for getting the assignment as well as the notes when they are absent. Students can try to keep up with their class by accessing the Homework Online to see what they have missed.  Upon returning to class, students should check the Missed Work drawer for their class period for any worksheets that may have been distributed.  Additionally, it is recommended that any absent student find a reliable friend or speak to the teacher outside of class time.  Quizzes and tests should be made up in a timely manner. A rule of thumb is two days for each day absent. In accordance with the student handbook any graded paper late one day past the time allowed will receive a 10% reduction, two days late a 20% reduction, three days late a zero. 

    It is the responsibility of the student to meet with Mrs. Petti promptly after school to schedule a time to make up missed quizzes or tests.  Failure to do so may result in a zero for the assessment.  Unless it is completely unavoidable, do your best to be in class for these assessments.

  4. Extra Help:

    Extra help is available by appointment after school.  I will be in my classroom after school on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2:30, however it is best to schedule an appointment or check with me ahead of time as I am often scheduled for meetings. 

  5. Classroom Procedures:
    1. Wait outside the classroom until a teacher arrives.
    2. When you are tardy, be sure to get a pass.
    3. Electronic devices of all kinds must be turned off prior to class. If they are heard or seen, they will be taken away and given to the VP and student will be written up.
    4. Pencils are required and should be sharpened before class begins. DO NOT use colored pencils or pens.Borrow, if needed or receive a loss of points on the assignment.
    5. Immediately begin warm-up/do-now work when you sit in your assigned seat.
    6. Have homework out on your desk and be prepared to ask a question, work a problem on the board, or both.
    7. Put away all bags and books not related to this class.Desks should be clear of everything except materials for this class.
    8. Any work to be submitted must include the Student Name, Student Number, Assignment (when appropriate) and Date.Failure to provide student information will result in no credit for said student.
    9. No eating or drinking allowed in the classroom, unless doctor’s note or notification from the nurse is provided.
    10. Act in a mature and respectful manner with all teachers, students and visitors at all times.
    11. Raise your hand to speak and respect all ideas given in class. Do not criticize anybody’s ideas and/or thoughts.
    12. Observe all rules in the student handbook.
    13. Do not leave class until dismissed by Mrs. Petti.


  6. Required Materials:

    Students need to bring their materials to class daily.  This includes their textbooks, notebooks (1”-1½” 3-ring binder is recommended), sharpened (or mechanical) pencils, and calculators when permitted.

    It is a good idea to have a ruler for home use when graphing.  Students must have access to a computer with internet connection for accessing the school website, the online textbook as well as other resources.  If this is a problem, the student is to speak with Mrs. Petti right away to discuss alternative options.

     Students are also encouraged to bring their own supply of personal hygiene products such as tissues and hand sanitizer.  This is not required but the supply in class diminishes quickly and it is best if students have their own.




  7. Guidelines to keep an organized Notebook

1. A loose-leaf notebook is recommended so you can insert handouts to keep with the corresponding notes and to keep all items in a chronological order.

2. Write down the date and objective at the top right hand corner of the page everyday in your notes so you can find the correct topic easily when reviewing at a later time.

3. Below the date, write one or more of the following titles: warm-up, objective, or class work.  You may choose to highlight such headings.

4. Begin each homework assignment on a new sheet of paper and label the assignment for easy reference.  At times you may be permitted to take it out of your notebook for a quiz or test, but it must not include other work.

5. Make homework corrections in a different color. (This is the only place where other colors should be used.  Underline your mistakes and LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

6. All notes, warm-up problems, quizzes, tests, and graded assignments should be kept in an organized manner in your 3-ring binder.

7. Your notebook will be checked and graded periodically.  It is worth a quiz grade. The style of the notebook check may vary, but you will be told ahead to prepare for it.  You are responsible for keeping all of your work in a neat and organized fashion. 

8. Keep all papers until you take your final exam.  It is recommended to keep Algebra 1 notes for future reference in other classes.

9. Use pencil or erasable pen to do all work and homework.  DO NOT use any color pen other than blue or black.  No exceptions.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a zero for the assignment.  If you have no other pencil or pen to use, borrow from a classmate or Mrs. Petti.