Format For Written Work
Format For Written Work


Rough drafts for all written work may be either hand written or typed.


Most final drafts will be submitted via the Turnitin web site.  Each student will create an account and be instructed on how to use the site.  Other papers may be submitted in class as hard copies as well.


When submitting a paper to Turnitin, it must be typed and must follow the following guidelines:


  • Font size should be either 12 or 14
  • Font type should be Times New Roman, Courier, or something similar.
  • All typed papers must be double-spaced with pages numbered.If a paper is not double-spaced, I will not accept it and you will lose points.
  • Include a title page with your full name for each paper.


The following excuses for not having typed written work will not be accepted under any circumstances:

  • Printer at home has no ink – You may use a printer in school to print your papers.
  • Did not have a flash drive to save work – You may email me your paper or email it to yourself.
  • My computer crashed, did not work, etc. – save your work on a flash drive as you work, and don’t leave it for the last minute.


If it is not possible to type a paper, then students may write their final copies to show they have been completed.

  • Writing must be done in blue or black pen.
  • Writing must be as neat and legible as possible.Papers that are overly messy will not be accepted.
  • Students may only write on one side of a piece of paper (no front and back), and they must also skip lines.Written papers that do not follow these guidelines will not be accepted.
  • Include a title page with your full name for each paper, and number each page of the paper too.
  • If the assignment is one to be submitted on Turnitin, students will have to find the time to type the paper in the IMC the day it is due.If the paper is given to me handwritten on the due date, no points will be lost provided the paper is submitted to Turnitin that same day.