Teacher: Mrs. Marsili

Course Description:

Using a drawing instruction method based on Betty Edwards’ book entitled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain , students will be taught to look at objects in a new way, making it easier to draw them. By the end of the year-long course each student will see a dramatic improvement in his or her ability to draw. They will also experiment with several mediums including pencil, pastel, and paint. Art history themes will also be incorporated into the course to put the material being covered into an historical context.

Course Requirements and Grading Criteria:

Course requirements include attendance and participation in class sessions and
successful completion of assigned projects. Because art classes often take the form of studio work sessions as the teacher circulates the room providing individual instruction, it is imperative that students work independently and respectfully. You are expected to work the entire class time. Distractions may delay the progress of your work as well as that of the other students in the classroom. Therefore, misbehavior will not be tolerated and may have an impact on your final grade. Students MUST be prepared for every single class session. Being unprepared demonstrates poor motivation and effects the amount of time you have to work on an assignment. Being unprepared frequently will have an effect on your final grade. Grades are not based on talent. Each student’s performance will be measured only by individual ability and motivation. 

Class Sequence: Marking Period I and II


"Before" Drawings

Blind Contour Drawings

Modified Blind Contour Drawings

Leaves, Twigs, Pine Cones etc.

Hand Drawing

Mid-term exam

Class Sequence: Marking Period III and IV

Pop Art Still-life

Single Light Source Drawings


Final Exam