US History 2


  • Come to EACH class prepared and ready to learn
  • Be "On task" in class, listening and participating!
  • Do your homework (when assigned), there will be quizzes based off of these readings/assignments

2019-2020 School  Year 
Please, Mrs. Marranca has the PM common activity. Please come to room 154 to finish any assessments or for help on study guides. 
Thank you! 

Here is a link to all of our Power points. If you are absent or require a copy of class notes, please come here.

Homework For U.S. II:
All students signed up for remind101 app during the first week of school. In addition to homework being posted here, on the board in the classroom, and stated verbally, notifications will go home about due dates through the remind101 app.

Period 3: #:81010  Text: @usgibb
Period 5: #:81010  Text: @usgibbon
Period 8: #:81010  Text: @usgibbons

 Unit: WW2
-review key vocabulary and essential themes
-review powerpoint notes (causes with graphic organizer)
-Agenda (minor) see expectations sheet

Due Dates:
Period 3: 9/25
Period 4: 9/25
Period 5: 9/24
Period 8: 9/25
After you hand in your agenda, there will be a quiz on the WW 2 packet (boxed item in the agenda)

Review Holocaust Notes
Pacific map activity (in class).

Propaganda Poster 
(see rubrics and expectations)
Due dates will be posted

WWI-Homefront agenda
(see rubric and expectations)
Due dates are posted
Period 3: 10/25, start of class, quiz that day 
Period 5:  10/25, start of class, quiz that day 
Period 8: 10/24 end of the period, quiz 10/29
-Study for the reading quiz 

Study guide for your WW2-Homefront was given to all students by 10/17

TEST 10/29 
We will review in class and provided answers to the study guide in class.
Please come after school or make an appointment if you need any extra help.