Grading Policy

HOMEWORK- HIGH SCHOOL: The reading of material, the practice of skills and reinforcement of content is critical to a student's academic development. Work completed at home is an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. Thee assignments are the student's responsibility and will be evaluated through performance based assessments. Students and parents can monitor academic progress via the Genesis Parent Portal at their convenience. Homework is graded as follows: Check plus if exceptional equals five points, check equals three points, check minus equals one point.

TESTS-Tests will occur after each unit. Students will recieve a study guide and be given a review session prior to the exams. Quizzes-quizzes will be given and will be shorter in nature.

PROJECTS- will count as two test grades and must be completed at the assigned due date.
ATTENDANCE POLICY ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT FOR COURSES Each course has an attendance requirement that stipulates that a student attend all scheduled sessions. A student will receive NO CREDIT for the course, regardless of grades earned, if he/she is absent from the course more than 18 absences.

 LATES-Every 3 lates to school/class count as 1 absence