Class Syllabus and Expectations

All resource centered science classes are structured in the following manner: CLASS STRUCTURE 1. Teacher greets students at classroom door as they enter class. 2. Teacher takes attendance 3. Teacher conducts talk time with students 4. Class Review-a short review of prior taught science concepts 5. Lecture on topic via power point slide show via Smartboard. Students have a guided note sheet to help them take notes. 6. To End Class-teacher assigns homework.

STUDENT GRADES students grades are an even percentage and average of the following work from students: class participation, classwork, homework, quizzes, tests and class projects.

REINFORCING POSITIVE BEHAVIOR students in all resource centered science classes earn class points by following the class rules. Once the goal points are earned teacher rewards the class.

HALL PASSES Teacher discretion is used when issue students passes outside the classroom, ie bathroom and or lockers. Students need their agenda book to be signed out to leave the classroom.