Algebra 2

All Periods

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Time Frame

Students will have mastered the following:

September – January

  1. Graph quadratic functions in standard form
  2. Graph quadratic functions in vertex or intercept form
  3. Solve x2+bx+c=0 by factoring
  4. Solve ax2+bx+c=0 by factoring
  5. Solve quadratic equations by finding square roots
  6. Perform operations with complex numbers
  7. Solve quadratic equations by completing the square
  8. Use the Quadratic Formula and the discriminant
  9. Graph and solve quadratic inequalities
  10. Use properties of exponents
  11. Evaluate and graph polynomial functions
  12. Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials
  13. Factor and solve polynomial equations
  14. Apply the Remainder and Factor Theorems
  15. Find Rational Zeros
  16. Apply the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  17. Analyze graphs of polynomial functions
  18. Model Inverse and Joint Variation
  19. Graph simple rational functions
  20. Graph general rational functions
  21. Multiply and divide Rational expressions
  22. Add and subtract Rational expressions
  23. Solve Rational equations

February - June

  1. Describe and compare function characteristics
  2. Evaluate n-th roots and use rational exponents
  3. Apply properties of rational exponents
  4. Perform function operations and composition
  5. Use inverse functions
  6. Graph square root and cube root functions
  7. Solve radical equations
  8. Graph exponential growth functions
  9. Graph exponential decay functions
  10. Use functions involving “e”
  11. Evaluate logarithms
  12. Graph logarithmic functions
  13. Apply properties of logarithms
  14. Solve exponential and logarithmic equations
  15. Create and apply exponential functions
  16. Define and use sequences and series
  17. Analyze arithmetic sequences and series
  18. Analyze geometric sequences and series
  19. Find and use measures of central tendency
  20. Analyze variation
  21. Construct and interpret normal distributions
  22. Apply basic right triangle trigonometry


Algebra 2 Period 4 Class Reminders