Academic Requirements

Scholars' Academy Selection Criteria



Minimum Metric


Last Year's Transcript

Minimum Cumulative Average
Subjects Included:  Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies

At least 90% mid-year grade

40 Total Possible points

First Marking Period Class Grades

Minimum Cumulative Average
Subjects included:  Mathematics, Science, language Arts, Social Studies


At least 90% mid-year grade

10 Total Possible Points
Scholars' Academy Entrance Exam Highly Proficient Students Minimum Score
59-50:   15pts.
64-60:   16pts.
69-65:   17pts.
74-70:   18pts.
79-75:   19pts.
84-80:   20pts
89-85:   21pts.
100-90: 22pts.
22 Total Possible Points

Writing Sample

Open-ended essay 5 point Rubric 13 Total Points
 2018-2019 NJSLA Scores Total NJSLA Scores in Math and ELA from the 2018-2019 School Year Minimum scores of 750 in both areas 15 Total Points

Standards of Excellence

                                                                              See Program of Study for more information