Ceramics and Printmaking


Syllabus for Ceramics and Printmaking


Teacher: Mrs. Marsili

Course Description: This year-long course will be divided into two marking periods with the first focusing on ceramics and the second dedicated to printmaking. The printmaking half of the course will introduce students to the  techniques of monoprint, silk screen, and linoleum block printing.The ceramics portion of the course will include instruction in the three basic methods of hand-building. These are pinch, coil and slab construction. Different decorative techniques as well as glaze and paint application will be covered, along with instruction in the use of the kiln itself. Course Requirements and Grading Criteria: Course requirements include attendance and participation in class sessions and successful completion of assigned projects. Because art classes often take the form of studio work sessions as the teacher circulates the room providing individual instruction, it is imperative that students work independently and respectfully. Behavior impacts the final grade for this course. Neatness and care for the supplies in the art room as well as the work of fellow students is also a deciding factor. Grades are not based on talent. Each student’s performance will be measured only by individual ability and motivation.

Class Sequence: Semester I: Ceramics

Basic Pinch Pots 
Basic Coil Pots
Basic Slab Constructions

Class Sequence: Semester II: Printmaking

Linoleum Block Prints
Silk Screens