Finite Math is a course that students can take as an elective after their required math courses.  In this course, students will solve problems based in business and real life.  Preparation for college mathematics will also be a portion of the course.  Below you will find the mastery list for this course as well as Remind101 messages that students can consult whenever they need to. 

Time Frame

Students will have mastered the following:

September – June

Linear Programming:

  • Solve systems of linear equations
  • Graph linear inequalities
  • Perform linear programming, including finding vertices and maximizing and minimizing with multiple constraints.


    Probability and Statistics:

  • Construct Sets andVenn Diagrams
  • Calculate permutations and combinations
  • Calculate probabilities and odds
  • Calculate conditional probabilities


    Mathematics of Finance:

  • Calculate simple interest
  • Calculate compound interest
  • Understand and perform calculations with annuities
  • Understand and perform calculations with amortization



  • Research and choose a virtual job
  • Research and choose a virtual home
  • Set up a budget to support your virtual research
  • Explore and compare the different types of bank accounts
  • Manage the bank account