Grading Policy


Math Department Grading Policy



Description of Mathematics Assessments

(may include, but are not limited to)


(below values are possible ranges, but values may vary)

Major Assessments

Chapter Tests, Mid-Chapter Tests

50-100 points each

Minor Assessments

Quizzes, Projects

25-50 points


Alternate Assessments / Assignments

Classwork, HW Assessments*, Projects Cooperative/Tiered Assessments

1-25 points



Each marking period grade will be based on the assessments as listed above.  Assessments will vary in point-value based on difficulty, time for completion, and task type, in an effort to prepare students for the PARCC** Assessment.  Marking period averages will be calculated by total points earned divided by total points attempted.


Task Types are:          
Type A – Assesses core mathematical skills and definitions

Type B – Assesses concepts skills and procedures.

Type C – Assesses expressing mathematical reasoning

Type D – Assesses modeling/applications/real-world scenarios



*Homework Assessments

High School – The reading of material, the practice of skills and the reinforcement of content is critical to a student’s academic development.  Work completed at home is an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. These assignments are the student’s responsibility and will be evaluated through performance-based assessments. Students and parents can monitor academic progress via the Genesis Parent Portal at their convenience.

Middle School – The faculty of David Brearley Middle School recognized that the developmental needs of middle school students differ. Therefore, middle school courses will incorporate graded homework.


**The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) which is the standard assessment in New Jersey starting in 2014.