US History I


Friday, June 14: Class 3 (2nd test session)
Monday, June 17: Class 7 (1st test session) and Class 8 (2nd test session)
Wednesday, June 19: Class 4 (1st test session)

See final exam study guide and review PowerPoint below.

US History I Final Exam Study Guide 2018-2019.docx


Great Depression Test (all classes) Thursday, 5/30

See study guide below.

Great Depression Test Study Guide..docx

1920s Test
-Class 3 and 7: Thursday, 5/9/19
-Class 4 and 8: Friday, 5/10/19

See study guide below.

1920s Test Study Guide (with answers).docx

1920s Test Study Guide.docx

1920s Brochure Mini-Project (Class 3 and 4) due Wednesday, 5/8/19

See assignment sheet and rubric below.

1920s Brochure Mini Project & Rubric.doc

Benchmark Exam (all classes) Tuesday, 4/2/19

See study guide below.

US History 1 Benchmark 2 Study Guide (with answers).docx

World War I Test ( all classes) Wednesday, 3/27/19

See study guide below.

World War I Test Study Guide (with answers).docx

Intro to World War 1 Quiz (all classes) Thursday, 3/14/19

See study guide below. 

Intro to WWI Quiz Study Guide.docx

Imperialism Test (all classes) Tuesday, 3/5/19

See study guide below. 

Imperialism Test Study Guide.docx

Progressive Agenda (choice project) Due Friday, February 8th for all classes.

If you don't have class that day you have to put your project in my mailbox in the office or find me and give it to me. If not, it will be late.

See assignment sheet and rubric below

Progressive Era Agenda.docx

Immigration Unit Test will be on Friday, 1/11 for all classes

See study guide below

Immigration Test Review Sheet.docx

Industrialization Unit Test will be on Thursday, 12/13 for all classes

See study guide below

Industrial Age Unit Test Review Sheet.docx

Benchmark Exam 1 will be on Friday, 11/30/18

This exam will be on everything you have learned so far in my class including Causes of the Civil War, Civil War, Reconstruction, and everything you learned so far about Industrialization.

Locate your Causes of the Civil War Quiz, Civil War Test, Intro to Industrialization Quiz, and their study guides to fill in the study guide below.

Benchmark Exam 1- 2018-2019 SY Study Guide (key).docx

Intro to Industrialization Quiz Dates

Class 3 and 7: Monday, 11/19

Class 4 and Class 8: Tuesday, 11/20

See study guide answer key below

Intro to Industrial Age Quiz Review Sheet (key).docx

Industrial Inventor/Innovator Project Due Dates

Class 3 and Class 7: Monday, 11/5/18

Class 4 and Class 8: Tuesday, 11/6/18

See assignment sheet below

Industrial Age-Graveyard-Project.docx

Civil War Test All Classes: Tuesday, 10/23/18

See study guide below

Civil War Test Study Guide.docx

Civil War Battles Group Project Due Dates

Class 3 and Class 7: Friday, October 12th

Class 4 and Class 8: Monday, October 15th

Reminder: Every group is presenting their PowerPoint/Google Slides on the due date AND the presentation must be emailed to me before each group presents.

See assignment sheet below.
Refer to due date above as it is different than what is listed on the assignment sheet.

Civil War Project.docx