Ms. Candon

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"It is our choices that show what we truly 
are, far more than our abilities."

Albus Dumbledore

Ms. Candon can be contacted at 908-931-9696  or at my e-mail address: 

Class Syllabus and Expectations

Students are expected to be prepared for class each day with their take-home  folder and pen. Very often papers will need to be typed or researched.  Finding time to visit the computer lab after school or the library  on the weekends is important. Notebooks and other materials will be kept in class.  Text to be read for homework will be assigned online or given in the form of a hand out.

In Transition, students will explore career options and prepare for life after high school.  I encourage parents and families to be involved in the process. All materials are supplied for the course.

All students are expected to follow school rules as outlined in the handbook. Please see student handbook for information on the attendance policy.