Class Rules and Procedures: Intro to Italian (7th grade)

Introduction to Italian

Classroom Rules


1.  Students are to be in their seats when the bell rings and ready to work.  Please follow the directions posted in the front of the room.  Students will otherwise be marked as LATE.

2.  CELL PHONE POLICY:  At the beginning of class you must put your phone (screen side facing in) in the assigned pocket or put the card in your pocket to denote that it is not in the room.  At the end of the period no one will leave the room until all students have personally picked up their phone. Any unauthorized cell phone use in class will result in the phone being given to the Vice Principal.  This is in addition to the fact that ALL rules in the student handbook will be STRICTLY adhered to.  I need not rewrite them here.  If you have any questions please refer to the handbook or me.

 3.  The entire class period is devoted to Italian; no work for other classes may be done.

4.  The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  We will work up until the bell rings, DO NOT pack up or get out of your seat before being dismissed. 

5.  Students will be excused from the room for emergencies only.

6.  Treat all people and property with respect.  Students are not permitted to deface anyproperty.

7.  Cheating is absolutely NOT acceptable.  This includes homework, class assignments, in class assessments, and projects.  If you do cheat, anyone involved will receive no credit for that assignment.

8.  If you have a question or wish to speak, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.

9.  No gum chewing, at all.  No unauthorized food or drink may be consumed in the room or brought into the room.

10.  All backpacks, purses, satchels, etcetera must be off the shoulders, laps, and desks at all times during class.  Place them on the floor or on the rungs underneath the desk. 

CONSEQUENCES for breaking a rule, not necessarily in this order:

Warning - After school detention - Phone call home - Parent conference - Sent to Assistant Principal

 You are all young adults.  Behavior as anything less will not be tolerated.  I believe that all my students can behave properly in my classroom.  I will not permit a student to stop me from teaching or to keep others from learning.


Course Policies and Procedures


1.  Materials:  Students must be prepared for class EVERYDAY!  You must have your:

TEXTBOOK—covered    *** NO booksocks, newspaper, construction paper or plastic covers!

FOLDER—only for Italian

 FIVE SUBJECT NOTEBOOK- to be used for all cycle classes throughout the year

 BLUE or BLACK PEN—assignments in other colors will not be accepted

 COLORED PEN—for corrections on assignments



2.  Grading Policy

 Major Assessments    50%   tests, projects

Minor Assessments     30%   written and/or oral quizzes

Alternate Assessments  20%   homework, HW quizzes, classwork



3.  Homework:  Homework is given every class period, assignments will be a written assignment, a studying assignment, or working on a long term assignment.  Students should always review class notes and activities as well as vocabulary for 10 minutes EVERY DAY!  Read aloud your homework after you finish to practice pronunciation and to help you catch your mistakes.  All homework assignments will be graded according to completeness:  fully complete and excellent effort; mostly complete/ considerable effort; or incomplete/insufficient effort.  The faculty of David Brearley Middle School recognizes that the developmental needs of middle school students differ. Therefore, middle school courses will incorporate graded homework.



4.  Class Preparation and Preparedness:  Based on the following:  written and oral activities, class discussion, class activities, and attentiveness.  You are expected to be fully prepared for class every day.  This includes all materials listed above. Not being prepared affects your grade in the sense that if you are unprepared you will not be able to participate fully in class and/or not be able to complete any work.


5.  Make-up Work:  It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to contact the teacher to get missed work. I will not come to you.  Use the school’s website for missed homework assignments, but remember that you will also have classwork to make up!  If you do not have Internet access, contact another, dependable student from your class.  If you do not make up your work in a timely manner it will be a ZERO!  Classwork and homework must be made up within 3 days of your return to school.  If it will be an extended absence you may have your parents contact the school guidance office for makeup work.  If it is a planned absence (band, chorus, field trip, family trip, etcetera…) you MUST come see me PRIOR to the absence.   


6.  Plagiarism Policy:  Use of any of the following services or similar types of services, are considered to be plagiarism and unacceptable; Use of these services, paid or unpaid, will result in no credit for the assignment. 

  • Internet translation websites   
  • Family, friends, etcetera   
  • Businesses or individuals who provide translation services for a fee